Benefits of Becoming a Forever Living Distributor

November 16, 2011

Most of the distributors join Forever Living because of the product’s quality and its great marketing plan potential.

Forever living company has many advantages:

  • The most important advantage is the fact that the company has more than 30 years of experience. That means An old company but incredibly innovative with the highest quality product and the most rewarding marketing plan.
  • No registration or joining fees required in order to become a distributor. In addition, there are no annual renewal fees.
  • There is no obligation to buy products every month.
  • As soon as you sign a distributor application, you purchase products direct from the Company at wholesale prices.
  • Customers are protected by 100% money back guarantee. If they are not satisfied for any reason, they may return the product within 30 days and get a full refund.
  • Once you qualify for any level in the marketing plan, you will never go back to a lower level even though your sales are lower or stopped. Forever Living Products pays all of its bonuses based on the full retail price. This means more profits for you.

The marketing plan of Forever Living Products is a great success because it is simple:

First  you must fill out and submit a Distributor Application. After the application is submitted to Forever Living, you will receive your distributor ID number and password by email and you will be able to start shopping online as a new distributor at a discounted price (15% discount).

 You can increase your earnings by qualifying for four higher sales levels:

Assistant Supervisor – As assistant supervisor you will earn 43%  retail profit+ 5%  bonus on all your personal orders. Also  you are now able to sponsor New Distributors  and form a distribution network.
To qualify for  assistant supervisor all you have to do is purchase at least 2 CC (Case Credit)  of products within any two consecutive-month period. (One Case Credits equal to $132 wholesale price)

SupervisorWhen your group accumulates 25 cc in two  consecutive months, you are automatically moved to the level of Supervisor and you receive 43%  retail profit + 8% bonus on all your personal volume generated thereafter.

 Assistant ManagerWhen your group generates 75 cc within a two consecutive month period, you advance to the position of ssistant Manager; and your bonus on your personalvolume increases to 13% + 43%  retail profit.

Manager – When the volume accumulates to 120 cc within 2 consecutive months, you become a Manager and start earning an 18% bonus on your personal volume + 43%  retail profit.

becoming a distributor Benefits of Becoming a Forever Living Distributor

Join Forever Living Products today and enjoy our quality products and also the ability to earn money.

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