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September 13, 2010

Hello and thank you for visitng my wesite. My Name is Limor Basan and i am a working from home mom.

I belong to one of the best teams/companies of MLM out there – Forever Living.

Other than MLM i am also interested and actively engaged in Internet Marketing, Real estate
and any other type of business i can enjoy doing. I am pretty much open minded when it comes to business.

This blog of mine is about MLM(Multi Level Marketing), Aloe Vera, and Forever Living Products which
kind of binds it all together. If you follow me here you will be able to find informative information about the MLM type of businesses as well as Forever Living Company and its products. My goal is to make this
site a sort of active community but not quite a forum where i get to share with you and hopefully help you through you first steps of MLM whether you decided to choose Forever Living as a company or decided to go in a different way, Whether you are a part of a team or you want to join me and my team. If i get to help someone then it is all worth it. I am a big believer in Karma and sharing and know that the nature takes its course and it finds ways to get back to you.
Beside that you can find links to my online store for all Forever Living Products: Such as Aloe Vera Gelly,
Aloe Propolis and useful articles i am going to post in regards to Aloe vera uses and Aloe vera benefits.

i hope you enjoy this site and i would like to invite you to my Facebook Community and Twitter

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Forever Living Products - Drinks and Skin Care

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